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1410 E. Kearney Suite G
Springfield, Missouri 65803

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Monday - Friday

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(*Based on availability)

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 Weekend & Overnight    Service Available*

(*Special Appointment Needed)


           Custom web designs by: Webneck
                                           (Text, logo and all images must be provided by client)

  • Basic Home Page

Includes a formatted page with text, images (up to 10), links to various sites, email link, and basic graphics.  Great for making a photo album (unlimited pictures with text).
A simple page to be seen on the Internet.

  • Small Website

Includes three formatted and linked pages, text, links, background images, available graphics and customized titles, five inserted images plus your logo.
This would be great for a quick start up biz!! 

  • Business

     Includes five formatted and linked pages, plus a contact form for your visitors to contact you, text, links, background images, available graphics, customized titles, ten inserted images, up to three animated images, plus your logo. Recommended for most small businesses.

  • Corporate Business

     This fully customized layout includes text, links, graphics, custom headings and Java Script picture show, Flash Banner, up to ten linked pages, twenty incorporated images, contents page or site map, background images, scrolling banner (or Flash) and links to all the web sites of your choice. This layout  is ideal for all types of business and is designed to present detailed information on a large number of topics. This site should maximize "hits" and promote your products or service in the best possible light!! This is the staple for any company wishing to make a real presence on the net!

  • The Extras (included with the packages above)

     1. Site Design Approval plus 2 hours of revisions (minor changes)

     2. Free CD-Rom- You will receive your completed web site on a CD-Rom.

     3. HTML code validation , All HTML code is validated to ensure quality.

     4. Spell Check- A spell check is performed on all pages.

     5. Support- We are available at no charge for e-mail and  phone support
         (up to 15 minutes) with your design/hosting questions.

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