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Howdy Folks!!

Well the staff at Redneck is starting something new for the new year. The guy's will be posting interesting news and advice for Your PC and Printer needs. Just check in and take a look. A new posting will be in soon.

Thanks, The Redneck

Vista Performance Shoot-Out

So how good is Vista, compared with XP? And what about moving to Vista, should you upgrade an old PC, or wipe the hard drive and start anew? We put both questions to the test, to determine how good Vista's performance really is. What we found will surprise you, and might save you a lot of time if you're moving to Vista. Check out what Extreme Tech thinks (link above) and decide for yourself.

Extra!! Extra!! Read all about it!!

We've also got a news story about how HP's new ink jets will challenge laser printers in speed and cost.

                                        A computer for $1.00 and $100.00!!


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