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Web links for great information for protecting your PC

If you have been on the internet for any length of time you will know that viruses, spyware, malware is out there. In order to combat these issues you should protect yourself by taking steps to ensure safe, reliable surfing by using anti-virus software, and teaming that up with anti-spyware programs. Below you will find information regarding these issues and more, plus links to some free downloadable tools. As we are in the computer repair business we see that so many folks are unaware to these issues, so we would like to share this information with you!

 What is Ad ware & Spyware?     Learn more about spyware     Unexplained computer behavior

             Virus Glossary        Virus removal tools         The did you know section



One more thing to keep in mind, if a box pops up asking you to install something, and you did not click on something to ask for the download, be very aware that it could be on of these listed above. Also watch out for those pretty screen saver downloads, if you did not go out looking for a screen saver download, chances are you wont need this screen saver download either as it may contain a problem too.


Ensure that your computer is protected by a firewall. All computers connected to a network should be protected by a firewall.  If you use a computer at home which is connected to the internet, use either a hardware or software firewall such as ZoneAlarm.  Or, if you have broadband and you use an ADSL modem, consider replacing it with a router that includes a firewall.

Install Antivirus software and update it often. Around 50 new viruses are written every week.  If you don't update your virus scanner, it will be ignorant of new viruses and thus completely unable to prevent them from infecting your computer and accessing your personal files. 

Ensure that Windows is configured to automatically download and install critical security updates as soon as they are released.  If you don't do this, and you fail to install a critical patch, your computer will be vulnerable to all newly-discovered security problems.  For example, the recent Sasser worm managed to bypass all antivirus software, and infect millions of computers which did not have the latest security patches installed. If you'd rather install updates manually, click on Windows Update from the Start menu on a regular basis (at least once a week). 

The best way to protect your computer from disaster is to back up your important data regularly. If your computer has a Zip drive or CD writer, copy your important documents, spreadsheets and other files every so often.  If you don't have these, use floppy disks or consider buying a USB data stick, which is a "no moving parts" disk drive that you simply plug into the USB connector and can then carry around on your key ring.

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