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1410 E. Kearney Suite G
Springfield, Missouri 65803

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 Everyone in your home or office can be on the Internet, share files, and share a printer. Desktops and notebooks alike can be  networked together so you can share all your resources which can save you money! 

Take your Internet connection with you anywhere in the house, even out in the yard. All without the the hassle of cables and wires! Even simple home or business networks can be networked together so they can share hardware, software, and printers.

Redneck Computers is certified in all aspects of both wired and wireless networking. We can provide you with network design, installation, and repair. From Home to Office to major projects, Redneck can do it all for you! 

We can also help in the installation and setup of DSL and other broadband Internet services. Please contact the Rednecks for further information!

So if ya have a hole in your net, remember: 

Just Give The Old Rednecks A Holler!!!


 Example Network (click to enlarge)                                       Is this your network? Let us help!

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