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1410 E. Kearney Suite G
Springfield, Missouri 65803

Hours Of Operation:
Monday - Friday

8:00 - 5:00

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Redneck Computers was founded in the summer of 1999. Founder and President Bob Shanks started the company with the same pride, professionalism, and customer satisfaction he instilled in his employees as the general manager of a local automotive service center. His Straight Shooter approach,  old-fashioned hard work, and pride in what he does is carried over to the Redneck staff. So when dealing with any of the Rednecks, you will always receive the BEST service possible.

The Redneck Mission Statement: 

Pride, Professionalism, and Customer Satisfaction. Give the customer the best service possible, enjoy the folks you meet, and, above all else, have some fun while doing it! The Redneck has seen in this industry that many companies talk down to the customer. They speak in "techie" terms where you can never understand just what and how things have gone wrong. The Redneck Way is just plain old talk; words that you can understand.

Straight Shooting, Honest Answers, THAT'S The Redneck Way

With over 35 years of combined experience in the computer field, the Redneck staff is more than ready to get your home or office set up to experience all of what today's technology has to offer.

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